Policy Memoranda

of Missouri S&T


Policy Topic Date Number
I. University Affairs    
Policy Development 03/16/2016 I-10
Authorization to Approve Personnel Actions 06/01/2011  
Absences of Administrators 01/01/2009 I-20
Personnel Reviews 06/01/2011 I-25
Salary Increase Distribution Policy 01/01/2008 I-26
Affirmative Action 06/01/2011 I-27
Individuals with Disabilities 06/01/2011 I-28
Equal Employment/Educational Opportunity 01/28/2019 I-29
Preventing Sexual Harassment Interactive Computer Training 01/28/2019 I-29a
Conflict of Interest
Potential Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement
05/01/2009 I-35
Membership on University Committees 05/01/2003 UM Link
Authorization to Travel 05/01/2003 UM Link
Tailgating 06/01/2014 I-45
Award of Professional Distinction (formerly Professional Degrees) 06/01/2015 I-50
Campus Residency Policy 01/01/2008 I-55
Campus Publications 01/01/2008 I-60
Intercollegiate Athletics 01/01/2008 I-70
Private Gifts and Grants Solicitation 01/01/2008 I-80
Gifts or Real Estate 01/01/2008 I-81
Sustainability Policy 05/01/2012 I-82
Campus Alcoholic Beverage Program 01/01/2008 I-90
Catering Services in University Facilities 04/01/2010 I-92
Suicide Awareness and Prevention Policy 08/28/2017 I-100
Hover Board, Electric Scooter (and related devices), Skateboard and Bicycle Policy 10/1/2023 I-101
II. Academic Affairs    
Qualification for Professional Academic Ranks 01/01/2008 II-10
Appointment, Review, and Continuation to Named or Endowed Positions 01/01/2008 II-11
Non-regular Academic Appointments 01/01/2009 II-12
Non-tenure Track Faculty 01/01/2013 II-13
Dual Career Partner Assistance Program 11/01/2021 II-14
Extra Compensation 04/01/2004 UM Link
Summer Period Compensation 04/01/2004 UM Link
University-sponsored Educational Materials 05/01/2003 UM Link
University Patents 05/01/2003 UM Link
Chancellor's Professorship 01/01/2017 II-15
Consulting 01/01/2008 II-17
Changing the Name of an Academic Department 01/01/2014 II-18
Graduate Students Holding Nationally Awarded Fellowship 04/01/2004 Deleted
Graduate Student Registration 12/08/2023 II-20
Fee Waiver - Educational Assistance 06/01/2011 II-21
Externally Funded Graduate Assistantships 09/01/2015 II-26
Minimum Class Size 08/01/2014 II-30
Research Centers 04/01/2004 UM Link
Maintenance of Natural History Collections on Campus 01/01/2008 II-50
Guidelines for Interdepartmental Teaching Assignments 01/01/2009 II-60
Faculty Proficiency in English 01/01/2008 II-61
Academic Dean Search Procedure 07/01/2007 Deleted
Administrative Appointments of Faculty 01/01/2009 II-80
Development Leaves of Absence for Starting New Business Ventures 03/01/2010 II-90
Academic Grievance 05/01/2003 UM Link
Discontinuance of Programs 05/01/2003 UM Link
III. Administrative Service    
Position Reclassification 05/01/2003 HR Link
Non-academic Promotions and Transfers 06/01/2011 III-12
Use of Cameras to Monitor Facilities and/or Activities 04/06/2021 III-13
Business Meals 07/01/2023 III-15
Campus Fiscal Policy 05/01/2003 Deleted
Refund Policy 01/01/2008 Deleted
Cost Sharing 01/01/2008 III-20
Non-academic Cost Savings from Budgeted General Operation Positions 05/01/2003 Deleted
Contractual Payment Guidelines 01/01/2008 III-22
Transfer of Fixed Price Contract Residuals 05/01/2019 III-25
International Agreements (Currently under revision due to restructuring; in the interim, please contact the Office of the Provost for applicability.) 08/23/2017 Deleted
Distance Education - Educational Fees 02/01/2021 III-26
Acquisition Equipment Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement Needs 05/01/2003 Deleted
Distribution of Sponsored Research Indirect Recovery 04/01/2013 III-27
Gift Fees 01/01/2008 III-28
Allocation of Revenue from Intellectual Property 05/01/2022 III-29
Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs Recovery 04/01/2013 III-30
Use of University Property by University Personnel at Off-Campus Sites 01/01/2009 III-31
Improvements to or Modifications of Any University Facilities 01/01/2008 III-32
Dues and Memberships in Organizations 05/01/2003 UM Link
Flexible Work Policy 08/15/2015 III-41
Animals on Missouri S&T Campus 11/01/2016 III-43
Closing of Campus 01/02/2014 III-46
Holiday Trees and Greenery 01/01/2008 III-47
Use of University Facilities for Political Activities (included in III-50) 01/01/2008 Deleted
Use of Facilities and Grounds by Unauthorized Persons 05/01/2003 UM Link
Use of Facilities and Grounds 01/01/2009 III-50
Use of University Equipment and Resources
by University Teaching and Research Staff in Non-university Work
01/01/2009 III-51
Use of University Equipment and Resources
by Faculty-Involved New Business Ventures in Non-University Work
03/01/2010 III-52
Tobacco-Free Campus 05/06/2016 III-53
Hazardous Chemicals/Waste/Material 01/01/2008 III-54
Reporting of Incidents Occurring on University Property 01/01/2008 III-55
Modified Duty Program 06/01/2011 III-56
Drug and Alcohol Prevention in the Work and Learning Environment 06/01/2011 III-57
Service Agreements with Non-university Organizations/Individuals
Involving the Use of University Resources
01/01/2009 III-58
Graduate and Undergraduate Student Assistant Wage Rates 06/01/2011 III-99