Our Mission

Our Code of Conduct

Dear university community,

I am pleased to introduce our Code of Conduct — Our Community, Our Commitment. It is a resource designed to support us in doing all we can to live up to the promise of our mission, vision and values.

Lifelong success, creativity, integrity, sustainability, partnerships and inclusion are the values at the heart of our new Code. These values are not new for us. They have been our foundation and have enabled us to do great things for our students, the people of Missouri and beyond. When we face challenges, our values help us address them as a community, finding strength through collaboration. We demonstrate a willingness to be open to change and innovation, and we continue to pursue excellence while striving to maintain the highest ethical standards.

At Missouri S&T, we have a proud tradition of service to our students and the people of Missouri. It is our responsibility to honor this tradition, but also evolve to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our mission, vision and values can help us meet these challenges, but only if each one of us does our part to ensure that we are guided by the highest ethical principles in our pursuit of excellence. Thank you for your continued hard work and for your support and encouragement.


Mo Dehghani

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Mission, Vision and Values

Students sitting together on the stairs in front of Havener Center


Missouri S&T integrates education, research and application to create and convey knowledge that serves our state and helps solve the world’s great challenges. 


Missouri S&T will be the leading public technological research university for discovery, creativity and innovation. 

We will cultivate curiosity, creativity and confidence in our graduates. We will be the institution of choice for partners around the world seeking a highly qualified, talented and entrepreneurial workforce; innovative research; relevant educational programs, products and services; and technology and ideas to solve the great challenges of our time.


Lifelong Success 

We add exceptional value. The rewards of the Missouri S&T experience extend far beyond a college education, valued degree or gratifying career. The S&T experience prepares you for a fulfilling life defined by the confidence to succeed, a desire to excel and a love of learning that never stops.


We are innovators. Building a better world demands a creative spark, innovative and entrepreneurial approaches, and curiosity to discover and explore new solutions to the world’s great challenges.


We hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We strive to uphold the highest ethical standards, to conduct ourselves with trustworthiness and respect for all of humanity, and to instill in our campus community these same principles.


We live by example. As stewards of the public goodwill, the financial resources entrusted to us, and the environment, we emphasize resilient and sustainable practices in all our endeavors.


We are great partners. We focus on adding value and creating mutually beneficial partnerships. The solutions to today’s great challenges require agile collaboration, teamwork and engagement with our stakeholders, both on campus and in the greater business, civic, national and international communities.


We are an inclusive, welcoming community. We seek to build a creative learning environment marked by openness, understanding and valuing all people and perspectives.