Information Requests

Missouri S&T receives a variety of requests for information from many outside organizations, such as state and federal legislators, state and federal agencies, the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education, and the University of Missouri System, to name a few. This web page is intended to keep the Missouri S&T informed of these requests and responses. It is updated monthly and dates back to July 1, 2017 (the beginning of fiscal year 2017).


Oct. 12:  Finance Committee Capital Project Meeting   Request  |  Response

Listings for September 2017

Aug. 21: Request for Missouri 100 presentation   Request |  Response

Aug. 18: Request (from a state rep)   Request  |  Response

Aug. 7: Request for organizational information and rankings   Request  |  Response

July 31: Request to present at Coordinating Board for Higher Education Retreat   Request |  Response