The glue that holds us together

Friday, April 29, 2022

Dedicated students, distinguished colleagues and dear friends,

Happy Friday!

“The glue that holds our department together.” “We’d be lost without them.”

Directing. Monitoring. Reporting. Coordinating. Supplying. Greeting. Troubleshooting. Scheduling. Assisting. Processing. Organizing. Maintaining. Supporting.

Day after day, our frontline staff perform these actions and more to keep our university on an upward trajectory. Just two days ago, we at S&T — as well as other universities and businesses throughout the nation — celebrated Administrative Professionals Day. This national observance is an important reminder of the many staff members who provide invaluable service to our organizations. At S&T, these individuals also help pave the way for our students’ success through their guidance, mentoring and assistance. It is a time for us to recognize and honor these unsung heroes among us.

With an eye for detail and their minds focused on their many tasks and responsibilities, our administrative professionals often make their work seem effortless, but rest assured it is not easy! You may recall me writing about Agnes and how the actions of one can be remembered for a lifetime.

I fully recognize that during the big reset of 2020, when all circuit breakers were tripped due to the infamous pandemic, our administrative professionals did much of the heavy lifting. Individually and collectively, they became more creative, organized and innovative to “put us online” so we could remain calm and carry on with our mission.

To our alumni, I encourage you to thank those who make your work life easier. To our students and faculty, I say please recognize that you are supported by the best at S&T. To all our staff and faculty, I say please tell us how to make your work environment better by participating in a survey, open through tomorrow.

And to our administrative professionals specifically, I say THANK YOU!  Thank you for who you are, for what you do, and for how you represent this fine university. Thank you for enabling all of us to exceed our potential; your support has and will continue to lift all of us collectively.



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