Not only a special day but also a mindset

Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021

Dedicated students, distinguished colleagues and dear friends,

Happy Friday … on a Wednesday!

Thanksgiving. Not only a special day but also a mindset?

A mindset to give thanks for what is right with our lives and what is at peace despite all that isn’t. A mindset to choose to deepen our relationships, to strengthen our networks and to broaden our horizon. To be sure, most of us are stressed by work, by worries about work, homework, exams, finances, and the welfare of our families, friends, community, environment and the world. To be further sure, we are burdened by the past, anxious about the future, and challenged to find solace in the now and present.

Given all that, Thanksgiving is not only a day to find solace but a mindset to build an inventory of all our blessings for which we could give thanks all day on Thanksgiving Day and then some. A mindset to focus on things we are grateful for, on those we are thankful to, on friendships we need to rekindle, on family members and friends we need to forgive or ask for forgiveness, and yes, on how we want to be thanked for our acts of kindness.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving! To our dedicated students, faculty and staff, have a well-deserved break. I look forward to seeing you when classes resume on Monday. To our alumni in the U.S., happy Thanksgiving! To our alumni all over the world, I sincerely hope that you consider your time at Missouri S&T as one of the experiences for which you are most thankful and grateful. To our many friends reading this message, I wish you a happy, safe and relaxing Thanksgiving!

May the beautiful colors of fall – the oranges, yellows, purples, golds and reds – elicit fond memories of family, friends and of memorable yesteryears.



Mohammad Dehghani, PhD
Chancellor | 573-341-4116

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