CDO Search Committee Charge

CDO Criteria for Consideration

The Chief Diversity Officer at Missouri S&T leads the Office of Institutional Equity & Inclusion in its mission of enforcement of non-discrimination policies, campus and community education and training, investigations and resolution efforts for possible violations, and more generally, campus and community service and outreach on matters related to civility and climate.  The CDO is viewed as a leader on the campus both inside and out of the classroom, engaging all Missouri S&T community members. 

The following are desired competencies for the committee to consider when assessing the initial prospects through finalist candidates:

  • Strong commitment to inclusivity and diversity as core principles
  • Deep understanding and appreciation of the importance of public higher education including a track record of: 
    • Working collaboratively with different populations, generations, and backgrounds
    • Developing innovative programs to meet compliance and strategic needs of an organization, 
    • Meeting the statutory, industry, and institutional expectations of Title IX, ADA, Title VII, and other key influences within the field of Equity and Inclusion, 
    • A commitment to supporting learning and development of others around them, 
    • Fostering community, personal, and structural improvements to ensure social justice and equality
  • Leadership skills
  • A record of collaboration, critical to being part of a university system
  • A deep commitment to creating an environment that promotes and values diversity and inclusion

These attributes, among others, are what this search should focus on. We need someone who can build on the progress and foundation that has been set, and we need someone who has strong interpersonal communication and relationship-building skills to draw from as they work with internal and external stakeholders.

Committee Activity

Relative to this search, I ask the committee to provide me the following to complete its activities: 

  • Up to four, unranked final candidates who the committee believes offer the strongest set of experiences, competencies and attributes to serve as the Chief Diversity Officer for Equity & Inclusion for Missouri S&T. 
  • The committee’s assessment of each finalist’s strengths and weaknesses.  I will meet with the committee after you complete your semi-finalist interviews to gain your perspectives as a group.  These final tasks will conclude the committee’s formal activities.