Appearance Request Form

Thank you for your interest in inviting Chancellor Mo Dehghani, Ph.D., to speak at or attend your meeting or event. Before completing the request form below, please contact the Office of the Chancellor with your invitation. The Office of the Chancellor attempts to accommodate as many requests as possible, but dates fill up quickly, so please submit your request at least 60 days in advance.

Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee an appearance by the chancellor or a representative of the chancellor. The Office of the Chancellor attempts to accommodate most requests that support the mission of the university, however all requests are subject to availability.

  • Before completing this form, please contact the Office of the Chancellor with your invitation.
  • To assist the chancellor in serving your needs, please complete and submit this online form.

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 If this is an appearance-only request, skip to question 28. For all speaking requests, please also answer questions 18-27.


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23. Will the chancellor introduce anyone?
Provide their full name, pronunciation if needed, title, and a short bio. (Leave blank if no introductions are necessary.)

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 Is there a particular topic that should be addressed? Does the group have any special causes or concerns to be addressed?

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