Sept. 23, 2013

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4 things you absolutely need to know
about the strategic plan

Last week we had the most well-attended State of the University Address in recent memory. If you weren't able to make it in person, you can review the script and watch a video of the presentation here.

In addition to sharing great news about our enrollment growth and increases in research funding, much of my presentation was focused on our strategic plan. A new website,, provides an overview of the plan and allows you to navigate between a high-level overview and an up-close look at the details.

This dynamic plan, which has been ratified by the Board of Curators, is the result of input from thousands and represents more than a year of work and study. It will set our course for the next seven years and beyond and is already changing how we do business at Missouri S&T. You can download the full plan, updated Sept. 9, under the "Plan" section of the strategic planning website.

Still, I know there is a lot of information to absorb. So let me boil it down to four things you absolutely need to know about the plan.

1. No other facet of our strategic plan is a higher
    priority than investing in our faculty.
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The outstanding faculty at Missouri S&TFaculty time is our most precious resource. If Missouri S&T is to retain its reputation for renowned and accessible expertise, we must invest in our faculty. As outlined in the plan, by 2020, we will add 100 new faculty members, and we will do so strategically in four best-in-class areas.

2. The strategic plan is already paying off.
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As I shared at the State of the University Address, we recently received word that we'll be able to make impressive strides toward our ambitious goal to add new faculty this year. University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe has approved our $2.57 million request to help fund 22 new faculty positions. S&T is committed to funding 11 additional faculty positions and will begin an aggressive hiring timeline this fall. In two years time, we expect to be one-third of the way to our goal of 100 new faculty. Additionally, President Wolfe, with support from the curators, has approved our two other requests in full: to expand the use of technology to enhance student learning in high enrollment, foundational courses; and to invest half a million dollars from the state, matched by another half a million dollars from non-appropriated funds such as gifts and grants, to improve our learning laboratories. Learn more.

3. The strategic plan is a practical guide and is
already in use.
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Missouri S&T's strategic plan is a practical guideAt recent open forums, Provost Warren K. Wray and I discussed details of strategic plan-driven structural changes. The new structure (view PDF) will provide more focus and support for academic programs and their faculty and staff. It will also position the university to provide greater access to expertise and services for corporate and international partners.

Under the new structure, the position of vice provost for academic affairs will be eliminated. Two new vice provost and dean positions will provide administrative oversight of S&T's academic programs. In addition, the university plans to create a vice chancellor for global and strategic partnerships. Get the details here.

4. We have a new elevator speech — and you
    should know it.
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Our hundreds of faculty and staff members now have one united strategy. It says that by 2020 — by our 150th year as a university — we will provide a top return on investment among public research universities to our key customers — students, employers, research partners and donors — by providing extraordinary access to renowned expertise, services and experiential learning opportunities.

I hope that you, as a member of Miner Nation, commit this strategy to memory and share it when you're telling others what S&T is all about. Better yet, please bookmark or favorite and share it with friends and colleagues.


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