History of the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on African American Recruitment and Retention

The Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on African American Recruitment and Retention was founded in 1985. In April of that year, collegiate members of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and their key advisors met with Chancellor Joseph M. Marchello to express concerns about recruitment and retention programs for African-American students at the university. This historical meeting generated the inception of the committee through the direction of Interim Chancellor John Park and the newly selected Chancellor Martin Jischke. The university is grateful for the courageous actions of these original members to establish a platform to voice concerns about African-American students to Missouri S&T leaders.

In addition to raising much-needed awareness, key members of this original committee and alumni led a fierce scholarship drive in the fall of 1988, which generated $10,000 in less than six weeks to endow the Martin Luther King Scholarship. Through the gifts of several partnering employers, this fund grew to over $100,000 in only four years.

Founding and original members:
Eugene D. Jackson, '67
Lawrence C. George
Roscoe R. McWilliams, '72
Larry E. Goodwin, '71
Wayne C. Harvey, '69
Gregory D. McClain, '72
Zebulun Nash, '72
Veo Peoples, '70
Bennie Young III, '86
Charles L. Casteel, '70
David B. Price, Jr., '68
Louis W. Smith, '66
Robert F. Henry, ’79
Natalie J. Jackson, ’81
Charles B. McField, ’80
Robert R. Morrison, ’71
David B. Price, ’68
Gregory D. Skannal, ’85
Melanie A. Tindley, ’85
Sheila G. Williams, '85
Joseph Williams, '89